We know that our clients are sophisticated consumers of legal services. We know that clients want us to resolve cases steadily, fairly and on as timely a basis as possible. We do that by estimating case results accurately, practicing cost-effectively and working within each client's litigation guidelines.


Our attorneys are divided into client teams. Client teams are focused, dedicated groups that are tailored specifically to each client's needs. Our most experienced and well-seasoned attorneys are team leaders. Their role is crucial to our clients success. By supervising the work and participating in strategy sessions, we are able to give our clients the benefit of the most senior attorneys and still use blended rates. Client-based teams let us customize our procedures and approach to fit yours. Team members interact with the client on a daily basis and build honest, working relationships with the individuals and their counterparts at the company.


We know that expertise matters because every type of insurance coverage has its own history, nuances, angles and applicable laws. We know that experience matters because the experienced attorney will be able to obtain and protect information through negotiations and stipulations rather than through motion practice or court orders, which are usually more costly and time consuming.

We know that to obtain the best resolution, settlement, verdict or summary judgment each attorney must become an expert in the type of cases they are handling. And not just an expert regarding the law, but moreover an expert in the field they are defending. Whether it is a visit to the scene in a motor vehicle case or a trip to the manufacturers' factory to learn about the product being defended in a product liability lawsuit, the attorney who is most prepared almost always obtains the most favorable results.


Technology leverages our knowledge base. We use a decision management system that puts most information at our fingertips. Our extensive forms library prevents reinvention of the wheel. Our capabilities for imaging files allows us to cut time and administrative costs, and more importantly, email documents to clients who prefer that mode of communication.


Our approach to billing is predicated on the client attorney partnership we value. Blended billing rates allow us to assign the best attorney to each case without adding to our client's costs. Incentive billing and flat fees encourage efficiency. Non-traditional billing encourages all of us to settle cases as expeditiously as possible.



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